Flat Pack Cage 3x 19KG

Flat Pack Cage 3x 19KG


Flat Pack Gas Bottle Cage 3 x 19KG

    Approximate Dimensions when assembled : –
        900mm High
        500mm Deep
        1000mm Width

This cage can hold up to three 19kg LPG or smaller Gas bottles.
Quick to assemble using just 6 Bolts, nuts and nylon washers (supplied).
LPG Warning sign included.

Made from square steel tube & weld mesh
Weldmesh is 2″ x 2″ x 10g (3mm)
Steel tube is 30mm x 30mm x 1.5mm wall thickness.

We also offer Lightweight portable, bespoke and standard compressed gas bottle storage solutions, designed to help meet all HSE regulations and recommendations.
The HSE are clamping down on the storage of all compressed gases. LPG in caravan parks, workshops and mobile catering to oxygen storage in retirement homes, hospitals and vetinary practices to name but a few. 

We manufacture cages for the following : –

LPG (Propane, Butane)
Argon CO2
Welding gases and Mixed gases
Many other uncategorised usues

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