Flywheel Magneto Holding Tool


Flywheel Magneto Holding Tool

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Holding Tool

 Suitable for most clutch or flywheel with holding holes.


  • Will hold flywheel while doing and undoing nut. (holding on holes)flywheel tool
  • Will help turn and adjust camshaft pulleys.
  • Sprockets with holes.
  • Uses standard nuts and bolts.
  • Supplied with nuts and bolts. (You can also use bolts of your own as well to suit whatever you are using the tool for)
  • Lots of additional uses.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Can be locked with pivot lock nuts and bolt.
  • Made from 25mm X 6mm solid steel.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Overall length 335mm
  • Will locate on hole centres from 25mm to 220mm very useful on cars , motorcycles and other equipment.
  • Made in our own workshops.
  • A valuable addition to your toolbox.
  • Hundreds sold worldwide.
  • Simple but strong.

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Supplied item may vary slightly from picture.

We can also supply a Scorpa Easy flywheel extractor please see shop items or contact us. (not included with this item)

Safety Note: –

Disconnect all spark plug leads and disconnect battery before using any tools or commencing work.

This is a scissor action tool when using keep your fingers etc. out of harms way.

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