Steel Mesh Storage Cage 1200mm x980mm x 1200mm high

Steel Mesh Storage Cage 1200mm x 980mm x 1200mm

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Steel Storage Cage 1200mmx 980mm x 1200mm high.

    Approximate Dimensions : –
        1200mm High
        980mm Deep
        1200mm Width
Weight 48 Kilo

Weldmesh to all sides inc. base.

Made using 40mm x 40mm x 3mm solid steel angle, and 2″ x 2″ x 10g steel weld mesh

A full front hinged door fitted with a general security hasp suitable for padlocks with up to 10.3mm shackle size.

We also offer bespoke and standard compressed gas bottle storage solutions, designed to help meet all HSE regulations and recommendations.
The HSE are clamping down on the storage of all compressed gases. LPG in caravan parks, workshops and mobile catering to oxygen storage in retirement homes, hospitals and veterinary practices to name but a few. The simplest solution is to store them in a secure enclosure as recommended by HSE.

We manufacture cages for the following : –

LPG (Propane, Butane)
Argon CO2
Chlorine Gas
All types of Welding gases.

Petrol, Diesel oils and fuels*
(*with appropriate spillage protection not included in price)

If you want more information please click here as we have accumulated some relevant information to help you.

10 points as to why our cages so good : –

1. Our standard cages have a galvanised roof to give some protection to valve gear from the rain, snow and falling debris.

2. Our standard cages are shipped fully assembled so there is no need to put together using nuts and bolts saving time and money as well as being stronger than its flat-pack bolt together counterparts.

3. All our cages are computer designed ensuring you get cages that will withstand more abuse than nearly any other solution on the market.

4. “History” we have been making custom cages for over 25 years.

5. We use 3.25mm wire mesh on our cages, reducing the chance of someone easily cutting the wire out.

6. All cages come with wall and floor mounting points.

7. Our standard cages have a mesh floor, so even in the remote chance that a cage does get knocked over the bottles are secure inside.

8. No middle man you are dealing direct with the manufacturer. Made in Great Britain by Ringwood Precision Engineering.

9. All our cages go through a 25 point inspection before leaving our factory

10. We use quality paint on our cages.

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